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So I started a new page on Facebook. It’s my Actor/Director page and it has a lot of short films, trailers and soon to be pictures of things that I’ve worked on for the last few years. Check it out.

So lately I’ve been spending lots of time behind a computer, editing. What? A short horror film I wrote and Directed back in October of 2009. The first edit was done by Adrian Marin (thanks Adrian) for Indymogul/Backyard Fx Mogulween 1min horror short film festival and then a second cut was done by Our Passion Films/Christopher Sheffield sometime late last year. The Extended Directors Cut is just about done, just one more scene needs to be edited and the final color correction applied not to mention some Foley work and I’m guessing it will be done by the middle of next month. Stay tuned for the Extended Cut but while you’re here enjoy the first two cuts of… CUTS OF MEAT.

Here are some links to Adrian Marin and Christopher Sheffield’s sites