President/Founder: Cristobal Hernandez

CRISTOBAL HERNANDEZ: Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, Grip, Special FX Make-up Artist and full time zOMBie.

UNDEADWORLD PRODUCTIONS was founded in 2004 by CRISTOBAL HERNANDEZ while he was a student in college. That year UNDEADWORLD PRODUCTIONS released two short student films Written and Directed by Cristobal Hernandez, LYCANTHROPE and MONOLOGUE OF A ZOMBIE. For the next few years UNDEADWORLD PRODUCTIONS was put on hold as Cristobal Hernandez worked on different projects in and around Arizona. In 2009 UNDEADWORLD PRODUCTIONS was resurrected and brought back to life for the short film CUTS OF MEAT. Since then UNDEADWORLD PRODUCTIONS has gone on to produce various short films and continues to do so till this day. The future is getting brighter for UNDEADWORLD PRODUCTIONS, hopefully in the near it can add Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos, etc to it’s list.


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